Introducing the PIEBAND

We made this for people with limb differences who just want to use a pencil or play a guitar without the need of a cumbersome prosthetic device.

PIEBAND on Thingiverse

Our first version was created for an artist in Cambodia and we further refined it with the help a very creative girl named Pie who was already playing the guitar with a pick attached to a fabric armband.

The Pieband is simple wristwatch-like band that has a socket that accepts a variety of attachments: a guitar pick holder. a pencil holder, a utensil holder, a toothbrush holder - all included in the files. We plan to make more attachments as well as improve the design based on feedback from Pie and other wearers.

The band comes in two versions: version 1 is based on a Fitbit band ( thing:506469) we remixed in Tinkercad and version 2 was completely created in Tinkercad and requires straps. For straps we used the 3D universe 12"x 1" velcro strap but there are many other options out there. Version 1 has 2 sizes and we will add more as we go along if feedback suggests smaller or larger sizes are needed.

Both bands are printed in TPU flexible filament - it makes the snapping together of the attachments easier.

Many of the attachments included were created using Volksswitch excellent Customizable Universal Cuff Utensil holder:

we then added a rotating connector to the attachments in Tinkercad.

With Pie's help we are already thinking about a version 2 and improvements. She wants a stiffer pen holder and if you want to increase the friction in the ball joint, a fix is to print the pie band 5% smaller or use a harder material.

A video about Pie